7 Home Security Tips to Protect Your Kids

7 Home Security Tips to Protect Your Kids

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Ask the parents of an 8 year-old suburban Denver girl whether a home security system would have foiled the attempted abduction, and they will probably say yes. And in retrospect, a home security system would have spared them the psychological trauma of this event, which will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives. John Snorsky, a paroled convicted burglar, received 30 years for entering that little girl's bedroom through an open window and grabbing her. Her screams and struggling prompted Snorsky to release her and flee. This tragedy was averted because she knew better than to obey a stranger’s order to keep quiet! A home security system, however, would have prevented what that her father later described as one of the "worst days" in his life. Here's our list of the top 7 ways home security systems can protect your kids:

7 Ways To Protect Your Children

Besides preventing an intrusion, home security systems have several added bonuses which can protect your children, and many assets in your life:

1. Keep them safe inside the home

The latest home security systems come with smoke and carbon monoxide detection. These medical alert features all contribute toward a safer environment especially, for special needs children. They are essential features for many households as they ensure you greater peace of mind.

2. Home security systems can be your gatekeeper

You can capitalize on your installed security alarm to make sure your children are where they are supposed to be. Entry sensors can be used in a large variety of ways, not just for burglars. They can alert you when anyone is entering or leaving your home, which goes for the kids too.

3. Door sensors for toddlers

Put a door sensor on your basement, medicine cabinet or cleaning chemical storage doors. Kids have a knack for being in places they just shouldn't. Even though it's not childproof, it could work extremely well hand in hand with a child lock.

4. Remote outdoor lighting and home temperature controls

Now you can heat up and light your home in time for your child’s after school arrival. Coming home to a house that is extremely hot or cold is inconvenient, not to mention inefficient. With an automated home security system, you can set your home's temperature and turn lights on or off at specific times from anywhere. Perfect!

5. Monitor who is coming and going

Sometimes, even though we'd like to, we can't be everywhere at once. Home security and surveillance easily allow you to see what's happening at home. Setting up your system to send you a text message and a picture of your child’s arrival can offer much-needed peace of mind. No more unknown or unwelcome guests arriving without you knowing.

6. Supervision when you aren't around

You can give your latchkey kid a PIN or handheld security remote which they can use in an emergency to alert authorities. You can also receive a text message or e-mail alert at the office so you know exactly when your child has arrived home safely.

7. Silent security calls the cops

Adding a silent duress alarm feature to your security system offers your children unseen aid. If a home intruder forces anyone to turn the alarm off, they can secretly signal the authorities while the captor is still watching. To the captor, it would seem the alarm has been disabled, but it's actually sent a silent emergency signal!

3 Bonus Tips on Home Security Awareness

Home security for children has an important awareness element. Yes, our kids roll their eyes when we lecture them on just about anything, but do they actually listen? Here are 3 tips on security awareness that will strengthen your overall home security posture:

1. Do a “9-1-1 drill”

Have your children rehearse the conversation that they will have with the operator. Require them to memorize their home phone number and street address. Run a practice simulation.

2. Monitor your children’s internet activity

Many parents actually overlook this vital part of internet use, and simply hope to block age-restricted content.  Remember, what has been seen cannot be unseen, so give them your version of the “birds and the bees” about internet usage and privacy.

3. Don’t chastise or punish lapses in judgment

Keep communications free and open with your kids. Let them know that you care the most about their safety and security. After all, you love them and just want to keep them safe. The benefits of a home security system can do so much more for you. Stop worrying about your kids' safety and get a home security system installed. Your life can be stress-free.

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