AT&T Digital Life Review

AT&T Digital Life Review

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Features Pros Cons
24/7 monitoring Use existing sensors Mixed customers reviews
Phone accessibility Lifetime warranty  Minimum 2-year contract
Free professional installation Special Movers’ Offer (free re-installation) Early cancellation fees may apply
Complete home automation   Initial setup fee
Remote access via mobile app    


AT&T Digital Life is a security system developed by the famous phone company that combines the quality product they are well known for alongside the technological progression of a company with their type of reputation. Using a cellphone, landline, and a broadband connection, AT&T Digital Life offers some of the most advanced tech to ensure you the get the best home security system on the market.

​​​More About AT&T Digital Life

AT&T does not make light of their reputation as a cell phone provider, and they use all of the tools they have at their disposal. Essentially, this company set about creating smart security in order to take home security to the next level. 

AT&T wideview cameraHowever, the very foundation of this company is to allow anyone the chance of accessing all of their most basic security needs first, leaving you to go about your day without a worry. 

This includes window/lock sensors and door sensors, which allows for the monitoring of ( and alerts ) when something out of the ordinary is happening in and around your home. It also comes with a keypad and remote control for ease of use wherever you are.

As expected, AT&T uses three types of connections to ensure the most efficient type of monitoring you can get. With a connection to local cell towers, broadband capabilities, and even landline, you have the option of choosing how you want to keep your house monitored at all times.

You can even choose all three so that, if anything out of the ordinary happens to one, you always have a backup. With AT&T Digital Life you can have all your bases covered. 

Accessible Smart Tech

When it comes to home security systems, AT&T Digital Life has essentially created the possibility of a totally smart home for the average consumer. They offer a compelling alternative to the average home security system on the market with a move away from the modular approach. Their system offers enhanced home automation features via the monitoring of your home from any smartphone or other devices. In addition, customers can choose to get alerted by video or text message if anything weird is happening near their house. It also lets you check your sensors at any time and you can even arm and disarm your home remotely, so long as you have service.

Ultimate Customization

AT&T Digital Life is all about customizing your security plan. Along with basic coverage, AT&T Digital Life allows customers the option to add on features as they please.

AT&T Digital Life glass break sensorFeatures can cost as low as $4.99, meaning consumers do not have to break the bank just to get an effective home security system. 

Instead of being boxed into a specific system, you're able to choose between well-constructed packages and features that fit your home security needs best.

Then you can continue to customize your system even further to cater to your more specific and unique home security requirements.

Different features include remote locking/unlocking of your door (no matter where you are in the house), energy saver packages, or even pet-friendly packages.

These let you make concessions for your furry friends and not have them trip the alarm every time they come around. You also get the option of customizing your camera to record video when you are not home. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and for each person, there is something unique on offer at AT&T Digital Life that will give them peace of mind and make your life much more comfortable. 

Why Choose AT&T Digital Life?

AT&T Digital Life brings you a digital home security system that can be ordered completely online, in an AT&T store, by phone, or even with an in-home sales consultant. They are also competitive and transparent with pricing, making it effortless for customers to understand and purchase home security solutions. 

  1. 24/7 professional monitoring and an easy app to manage your home remotely, simplify daily routines, and receive text and email notifications. 
  2. One of the best-packaged home security systems that you can operate from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  3. Total flexibility so you get exactly the home security system that best suits your unique requirements.

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