AT&T Medical Alert System Review

AT&T Medical Alert System Review

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If you or a loved one has health or mobility issues, you probably rely on having your telephone or cellphone near at hand if you have a fall or some other emergency.


Medical alert ButtonBut what happens if you can’t get to your phone to call for help? No-one will know that anything has happened to you.


This is where a AT&T medical alert systems can be a lifesaver. The system has a base power unit that’s plugged in, and a device that’s kept on your person. This device is activated either manually or automatically. Once activated, it connects you with your medical alert service provider, who then dispatches emergency assistance. Some services will also arrange to give you a reminder call to take your medications!


One of the companies who has jumped on this innovative technology is the telecommunications giant, AT&T. Not only are they the main network service provider for many other medical alert companies, but they also have their own alert system.


Here we look at the features of the AT&T medical alert system, the pros and cons, and the costs compared to other service providers.


AT&T’s mobile broadband network emergency centers will dispatch help to your location immediately. The team locates you via GPS and assisted GPS to ensure you receive the fastest response time available. 


AT&T Medical Alert System Features


AT&T’s system has a wearable medical alert device called EverThere. The EverThere device is attached to the wearer with a watch band, clip, or lanyard.


The user can press the button on the device if there’s an emergency and they can’t get to a phone.


The device can also be programmed to detect if the user falls down and can’t get up. It then automatically alerts an emergency dispatch center. The danger of falls in the elderly can’t be stressed enough – it’s vital that help comes as quickly as possible.


The EverThere device detects falls using a combination of sensors - a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a barometer, and two accelerometers. The device has to be calibrated to determine whether a fall has happened – you don’t want an ambulance swooping in just because you’ve bent forward to switch on the TV!


False alarms can happen – but the user can then press the button on the base station to let the call center know there’s no problem.


The device uses AT&T’s mobile broadband network to connect to a 24-hour dispatch center, which locates the user via GPS. The EverThere also has a built-in speakerphone, so the user can communicate with the dispatch center if they’re able to.  


The EverThere device has a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that lasts about 36 hours while away from the charging unit/cradle. The user will have to remember to recharge the battery for the device to be effective.


Unfortunately, Medicare won’t cover the cost of the AT&T medical alert system. However, you can contact your insurance provider to check if you qualify for reimbursement.


AT&T Medical Alert System Pros and Cons




  • The AT&T network is one of the biggest and fastest in the USA.
  • The system has a decent battery life after being fully charged.
  • The AT&T responders have a very quick response time.
  • The EverThere device can be used in the shower.


  • AT&T charges a high fee upfront.
  • Monthly fees are one of the highest in the market.
  • The EverThere device is a little bulky compared to some other devices.


AT&T Medical Slert System Costs


You can buy the AT&T EverThere device at a cost of $99.99 up front if you sign an 11-month contract, or you can pay $199.99 with no signed contract.


AT&T medical alert system prices also include a one-time activation fee of $35, and a monthly fee of $29.99.


Here is a comparison of the monthly rates of some of the better-rated medical alert companies in the field. While AT&T isn’t as reasonable as some, note that all the companies use AT&T as their network service provider. So if you sign up to AT&T’s own alert system, you know you’ll be in good hands.


Medical Alert Company

Monthly Fees

Cellular Network




Bay Alarm Medical






Medical Guardian



Life Fone



AT&T EverThere






We generally take it for granted that we’ll be able to call 911 in an emergency. For an elderly person or someone with health or mobility issues, this might not always be the case.


With At&T, you can get peace of mind about your own safety or the safety of a loved one, with a system that can contact emergency services if you’re unable to talk or reach a phone.Safe home


Something like the AT&T medical alert system can help you maintain your security and independence, and stay in your community for as long as possible.


However, this kind of alert system can be costly to set up for someone on a fixed income, and it only works if the user can remember to charge it and attach it to their person. It isn’t an ideal solution for someone with cognitive or memory issues.


Make sure you speak to AT&T about how to operate the device, and about any fees involved.


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