Automation Systems

Are you curious about what home automation? Do you want to make your home more comfortable and livable all year round? If you love all the latest technology, a smart home may be a dream come true for you. Whatever your needs and preferences may be, now is an exciting time to automate your home with the amazing features on offer by some of the top home security companies around. The added convenience that home automation offers users is simply unmatched, so why not consider some of the following products:

The Iris Smart Hub

The Iris Smart Hub is available on pretty much every Lowe’s store countrywide (* discontinued as of March 31, 2019). 

Even if you’re starting from scratch, installing Iris Smart Hub is pretty simple, and like most home automation systems, you begin by downloading the Iris Smart Hub app and create your account. The hub is equipped with an Ethernet port and two USB ports on the back alongside a power jack and reset button on the back.

On the front, three LED buttons are the main highlight.

When everything is working well, the buttons glow solid green. Flush green indicates that pairing is successful; flush yellow indicates that the hub is working on battery power, and flush red is a sign that there is no internet connection.

Insteon Hub

One of the most popular brands to make your smart home dreams a reality comes from Insteon

The Insteon hub is going to be the way that you can control everything in your home.

They offer advanced remote controls, switches, wall keypads, smart thermostats, wifi camera and more!

Insteon's Hub Pro is easy when it comes to set up, synchronizing and controlling many of the devices in your home from any mobile device.

The Insteon hub can be integrated with Amazon Echo, Cortana, Logitech, Sonos, and also offers compatibility with Apple's Homekit.

Apple's Homekit

Apple's HomeKit is the software platform from Apple that relies on Siri to control your home automation features. 

With this in place, you can wirelessly control your home with many customizable features to suit your specific needs.

The Homekit is essentially a "framework" that's compatible with several of your devices, and this gives you more control over almost every aspect of your home.

You can take literally have total control of your home - no matter where you are!

Apple's use of encryption with HomeKit makes this one of the more robust and secure systems on the market.

Home Security Systems Using Cell Phones

Smartphones and smart technology have radically changed the way we approach home security.

You can monitor and control your system at the touch of a button (or a swipe).

You can feel secure knowing that you’ll be alerted straight away if anything happens that triggers one of your sensors.

Installing your own home security system to work with your cell phone is a very attractive option for many people and the perfect way to build an individual home security setup for your home or business.