How to Choose the Best Home Security Companies

For every type of home and every type of homeowner, there is an ideal security system that is both cost-effective and a great deterrent to theft, intrusion and violence.

What You Need to Know about Home Alarm Systems

Whether you're looking for a basic and affordable system that offers a good degree of protection, or a cutting-edge, high-tech system with all of the bells and whistles, you'll find that today's best home alarm system providers offer plenty of choices at a wide array of price points.

6 Different Types of Burglars You Should Be Aware Of

There's absolutely no denying it. The best way to prevent a burglary is with a home security system. People steal for different reasons, so you can expect that not all burglars are created equally. They make use of many methods in order to get what they want.

5 Of The Weirdest Home Security Devices Ever

Research has shown that many people with those security system signs on their lawns don't have any security hardware beyond that, and statistics seem to suggest that those may signs actually help in some places.

7 Questions You Absolutely Have To Ask Before Buying Any Home Security System

Home is where the heart is...and all of our prized possessions. Keeping your family and belongings safe is of utmost importance. That's why a home security system is an absolute must for any home.

The 5 Best Wireless Security Systems of 2015

When it comes to security services, its best to go with the top local providers instead of the cheapest on the block. Below you will find the top 5 home security systems, all of which offer something unique to the user.

5 Reasons Why Burglars Return to The Scene of The Crime

The last thing you would expect after being burgled is for it to happen again, under almost the identical circumstances. Most people don't realize that burgers usually plan a second attempt after they have now gathered more information about their target.

How Social Media Updates Could Invite Burglars To Your Home

Social media is powerful, fun, and dangerous. Many of us are aware of the internet dangers that go hand-in-hand with malware, spyware, and viruses, but what about the dangers that come from the real world?

8 Of The Best Times To Buy Home Security

Have you been thinking about investing in a home security system, but you're not quite sure when to do so? Not owning a reliable home alarm system will leave you vulnerable and unprotected.

7 Steps To Improve Home Security

Your home may be your castle, but burglars are just waiting for the opportune moment when you have your guard down. These days, criminals are hard-up, they want your valuables to trade, fence, or store until the heat is off.