Convert Your Home Security System to Self-Monitoring

Convert Your Home Security System to Self-Monitoring

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You want to keep your home safe, but it can feel like home security companies are bleeding you dry. High monitoring fees are the main factor driving many householders to look for alternatives. You can lower your costs considerably by converting to a self-monitoring security system.

Many of the big names in home security, like ADT, make you sign lengthy contracts for professional monitoring. Luckily, the security industry is a hugely competitive field these days, and there are plenty of companies happy to offer you alternatives that suit you.

If you don’t want to pay hefty fees, you can install a basic system that sounds a loud alarm if sensors are triggered. If you’re not home, you’ll have to rely on a neighbor to hear the alarm and respond to it – and there’s an increased risk of false alarms, which are annoying and costly. A self-monitoring system, that sends you alerts through a dedicated smartphone app, is a safer and more effective option.

What Is Monitored vs Self-Monitored Home Security?

If you want to make the switch from monitored security to self-monitoring, you should know exactly what you’re currently paying for, and what you’ll be giving up.

Your subscription fees for monitored security are essentially paying for shift personnel at a monitoring station to watch for triggered alerts coming from your system. They’ll try to contact you or a designated person to confirm if it’s a false alarm, before sending emergency personnel to investigate.

You’ll keep paying your monthly subscription even if no alarms are ever triggered. For some people, this can understandably seem like an unnecessary expense.

If you convert your home security to self-monitoring, it’s entirely up to you – the person getting the alerts – to respond and react. If you’re at the gym or in a meeting with your phone off, you’ll just have to hope nothing happens during that time!

If you’re confident that you’ll be able to handle an emergency situation as soon as it happens, then self-monitored security might work well for you.

How to Switch to Self-Monitoring Home Security

If you want to convert home security from professional to self-monitoring, you should be aware of any possible pitfalls.

The hardest part of making the change is, undoubtedly, getting around or out of your monitoring contract. If your contract is still some time away from expiring, you might be expected to pay early termination fees. Some companies expect you to pay the full fees owing up until the end of your contract period, while others will let you pay a percentage.

If your contract is coming to an end, you can simply choose not to renew it. Check out the terms and conditions, however – some companies actually own the equipment they installed in your home, and they’ll remove it if you don’t renew your subscription. In this case, you can buy your own equipment and set it up yourself. There are plenty of affordable DIY home security options available, like the iSmartAlarm system.

Once you’ve stopped your professional monitoring service, you’ll need to set up alerts on your own smartphone or another device. Now you’re in charge!

Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

Some companies will let you keep your existing equipment, and simply change over to self-monitoring. However, if you want to change over to a different system, here are some of the favorites.

SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe home security is a favorite of homeowners and security professionals alike.

You get a great starter equipment bundle. You can add features like fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Don’t underestimate the importance of monitoring carbon monoxide at home. Every year, 4000 American suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes.

SimpliSafe also offers you a month-by-month professional monitoring service. If you prefer self-monitoring, but would like extra peace of mind over vacation when you won’t be at home for a few weeks, this is a great option.

Ring Alarm Security Kit

The Ring Alarm Security Kit has everything you need to protect and keep tabs on your home, in one neat and simple bundle. It’s a DIY smart home security system that you can install yourself in as little as 20 minutes.

This system doesn't support integrations with some third-party Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, but full integration is in the works.

Canary All-In-One Home Security Device

The Canary security device is exactly what it sounds like – an all-in-one, single device. It has 1080p HD video capture, motion detection, and a host of other smart features.

If you want to keep tabs on what’s going on at home – with kids and nannies, with pets, or service providers – or if you just live in a smaller space, and don’t want a complicated system, then the Canary is a great solution.

Self-Monitored Home Security System Costs

Self-monitored home security saves on monthly subscription fees, but you’ll have to buy the equipment.

Home Security System




Upfront Bundle Costs

Starts at $229

Starts at $199

Starts at $169



You can save a substantial amount on your home security, if you convert home security to a self-monitoring system. If you’re confident that you’ll be able to protect your property adequately without becoming a nervous wreck, then why not try it? Just make sure you understand your contract, so you don’t get surprised by hefty termination fees.

If you feel you need the extra peace of mind that 24/7 monitoring offers, then there are plenty of companies who have low monthly subscription fees. It might be worth changing over to a new package.

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