Brinks Home Security Safe Model 5059

Brinks Home Security Safe Model 5059

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BrinksIf you have a Brinks safe – especially the popular 5059 fireproof model – you might be wondering just how safe it truly is. There are a number of videos online purporting to show people how to break into this particular safe. It's might be time to invest in a crack-proof new model.

The company that supplies Brinks home safes is Honeywell. The safes are not manufactured under the Brinks name anymore, so you won’t find too many brand-new-out-of-the-box safes with the trademark Brinks name. Solid steel boxes don’t exactly age quickly, though, so there are plenty of them still around in daily use.

The Brinks 5059 model works with a manual combination lock and a key, and it appears to have been discontinued a while back when digital combination safe locks became popular. You can still buy parts from Honeywell if you want to maintain your safe, though.

To give you peace of mind about your Brinks home security safe model 5059, we’ve put together this guide on how a fireproof safe works, what to do if you need to bust into your own safe, and why you need a fireproof safe if you don’t already own one.

What Is A Fireproof Safe?

Fireproof safes have to live up to a certain standard – and the most common standard is the UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating.

This means that if the safe is exposed for a time to a temperature of over 1700° F, the internal temperature can stay at a maximum of 350° F for at least one hour.

Besides being blasted for an hour or more in a white-hot furnace during the testing stage, safes with this kind of fire rating are also dropped from heights of up to 30 feet, to see if they can withstand the landing.

As paper burns at 400° F, a safe rated as a 350 class will give your important documents a good chance of survival. Some of the hard-to-replace documents stored in fireproof safes are:

  • IdentificationBrinks Fireproof Safe
  • Wills
  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Medical records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Electronic Data
  • Marriage License
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Tax Records
  • Photographs

 You can also store firearms, jewelry, USBs, electronics and any other valuables in a fireproof safe for that extra peace of mind.

How Do You Break Into a Brinks Home Security Safe Model 5059?

It’s not just thieves who want to know how to crack a safe – sometimes life happens and you lose your safe keys, or the combination number, or even both! While you don’t want just anyone having an easy time getting into your Brinks 5059 safe, it’s not impossible to get into it yourself.  

You will need the purchase receipt with your name on it, if you’re the original owner of the safe, and the serial card that was included inside when you purchased it. If you don’t have these available, you’ll need a law enforcement officer to run your info and give you a document at the police station – for which they’ll charge you at least $100.  

With the receipt and serial number, or your police-approved documentation, contact the supplier’s helpline and follow their instructions to get the new key or combination number. They’ll charge you a fee as well.

Another option is to get a locksmith involved. You will need to present your paperwork, and there’s no guarantee that your safe will still be usable if they have to use force to open it. On top of this, they will – you guessed it - charge you a hefty fee. Safecracking doesn’t come cheap!

If you want to prevent unauthorized people from getting into your Brinks fireproof safe by force, one of the best things you can do is stop it from being taken out of your home. An experienced criminal (or two - safes are heavy!) will try to remove the safe, to break it open at their leisure. Hiding it somewhere carefully, such as well out of sight in a locked basement, will help to stop them in their tracks.

Why Do You Need a Fireproof Safe?

The most obvious reason to own a fireproof safe is that there is an average of more than 360 000 house fires a year. Smart home technology and security systems help to save lives (and furnishings) with early warning alarms and professional monitoring – but your smaller items like paper documents and other valuables are still at great risk. Floods and hurricanes can also destroy your items if you live in vulnerable areas.

If you’re asking yourself “Why not just put the stuff in a safe deposit box at the bank?”, bear in mind that many Americans are still reeling from the 2008 housing bubble, and don’t trust banks. Then, massive cyber attacks on US banks in 2016 and 2017 didn’t do much to restore confidence in the system. For some people, keeping cash and other important papers in a fireproof home safe is an absolute must.

Besides paper documents, firearm owners have to take into consideration that guns can also sustain major heat damage in a fire. Responsible gun owners will want to keep their weapons locked up against fire or other accidents. A Brinks 5059 safe is ideal for storing handguns safely.


Basically, the answer to the question “How safe is the Model 5059” is’s pretty darn safe. Make sure you take precautions to not lose your keys and combination, and you should be able to enjoy many more years of Brinks safe security.

Brinks Model 5059 home safes are available for sale in surplus stores and on auction websites like eBay too. If you’re tempted by a very reasonable online deal, make sure you check out the shipping costs – steel safes are heavy.

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