SimpliSafe vs Protect America

SimpliSafe vs Protect America

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Home security systems can be a great way of protecting your loved ones and your possessions – but they can be expensive to install and maintain. What kind of services and features should you expect for your hard-earned dollars?

SimpliSafe and Protect America are two of the better-known home security systems on the market. We’re going to look at each option – what they do for you, what they cost, and how they compare to each other.

Protect America Security Features

Protect America will give you the wireless home security equipment you need, and you set it up yourself – and don’t worry, it doesn’t require any hammering or drilling!

Protect America Security EquipmentHome monitoring happens once you sign up for a three-year contract. The monthly fees are based on your connection options (landline, broadband, or 4G cell network), and the amount of security equipment you install.

Protect America’s monitoring plans all include the same service, but you’ll pay more for packages with extra equipment – like extra door and window sensors.

They will price-match any price quotes you get for a 3 years’ total service package, but you’ll have to submit your lower quoted price to them within 14 days of signup to get the same price.

Protect America will replace or repair your equipment if needed, but you don’t own your security setup. It will have to be returned to the dealer if you cancel the monitoring service.

Protect America Pros and Cons


  • The system is easy to install and configure – even if you’re not a DIY wiz or a tech guru.
  • You get highly responsive sensors and 24/7 monitoring.
  • You can choose between landline, broadband or cellular network connectivity.
  • There are no upfront costs.
  • Protect America supplies UL certified equipment.


  • The control panel screen is pretty small – not great news for those of us with banana fingers!
  • You’ll be tied into a three-year contract with a 60-day termination clause.
  • No outdoor cameras are provided.

SimpliSafe Security Features

With SimpliSafe, you can arrange to have your home monitored on a month-to-month basis, so you’re not tied into a lengthy contract. All SimpliSafe’s equipment is easy to install – you can just stick it in place, no DIY skills required – and you can take it with you if you move.

Simplisafe Security EquipmentYou’ll have to buy all your equipment upfront. The initial cash outlay of $229 for a basic system might feel a little steep for some, but you won’t need to spend much in the long term. This is a great option for temporary living situations, like college housing or short-term rentals.

SimpliSafe makes all its own equipment - including base stations, entry sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, loud alarms, smoke detectors, and surveillance cameras. This means lower equipment costs.

The system has a battery backup, so you’ll still be protected even in a power outage.

The monitoring company attached to SimpliSafe is C.O.P.S. Monitoring – which has won awards from trade watchdogs TMA. However, if you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can monitor your home yourself. You’ll get a notification if a sensor is triggered, then it’s up to you to contact either the authorities or a designated person.

SimpliSafe Pros and Cons


  • No contract needed – you can opt for month-by-month third-party monitoring, or self-monitoring.
  • SimpliSafe’s equipment costs less than the market average, because it has no middle-man markup.
  • SimpliSafe provides outdoor cameras.
  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • You can choose between various packages with different features.


  • The basic starting package will cost you a minimum of $229.
  • If your equipment breaks down, you’ll have to make a warranty claim, or replace it at your own cost.

Protect America vs SimpliSafe Cost

If you’re relying on simple price comparison of services and packages to decide which company to opt for – you’ll have to consider your individual security needs carefully.

Remember that when it comes to SimpliSafe vs Protect America prices, you’ll pay either for an equipment package with optional monitoring, or for free equipment with your monitoring contract - so prices will vary considerably at first glance.

Protect America equipment that doesn’t fall under the monitoring package you sign up for, can be pricy – they have to pay their middle man, after all! But you get the basic equipment for “free”.

Here is an overview of Protect America vs SimpliSafe costs for packages, monitoring, and equipment.


Protect America


Monitoring costs

Copper: $41.99

None: $0 

Silver: $49.99

Standard: $14.99 

Platinum: $54.99

Plus Texts: $19.99


Interactive: $24.99

Starter equipment package

Provided for free with 3-year contract


24/7 Monitoring

Fire Monitoring is $2.00/Month Extra

Standard, Interactive

Door/Window Sensor



Glass Break Sensor



Motion Detector



Smoke Detector



Flood Sensor



Indoor Camera



Key Fob




Protect America vs SimpliSafe – Who is Best?

Choosing between these two companies for your security needs depends on what your priorities are. Every homeowner’s first priority is “safety”, of course – and both companies will give you that vital peace of mind.

Both Protect America and SimpliSafe offer simple DIY systems for people who don’t want to shell out for installations. Some companies insist on using their own installers, with the expense and inconvenience this entails.

If the overall cost is the most important factor for you when making your decision, then SimpliSafe comes in cheaper – but you’ll to pay for your own equipment. If something breaks, it’s covered by a 60-day warranty – beyond that, you’re on your own!

If a hassle-free experience is your priority, with professional 24/7 security monitoring and speedy replacement of faulty equipment, then Protect America wins – but make sure you read your contract carefully.

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