Compare Vivint vs Protect America Home Security Systems

Compare Vivint vs Protect America Home Security Systems

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Home security and home automation are available at the touch of a button these days. You can easily control any aspect of your home remotely, as well as have detailed alerts sent to a 24-hour monitoring company.

What’s not so easy is deciding which home security system offers you not only peace of mind, but also the sophisticated automation features you want. Affordability is also a big factor for many homeowners.

If you’ve narrowed your search down to either Protect America or Vivint, we can help you make your choice!


Vivint Security Features


Vivint smart home systems come at a premium price, but once you’ve decided on a plan, you can sit back and relax. Vivint sends its technicians to your house to install everything and show you how it all works.


Vivint Home Security EquipmentYou can control the Vivint system remotely using the Android and iOS apps provided for free.  You’ll be able to see how many doors and windows are open, and which doors are unlocked. You’ll be able to lock and unlock your doors remotely, and arm or disarm your system as you please. Home temperature control is also a feature of some of the packages – a remote thermostat can save you 10-12% savings on heating and 15% savings on cooling per year.


One of the best features of Vivint’s system is the HD doorbell camera, with a 180-degree view and a 10-foot night vision range. This is great for monitoring who’s at your door or porch gate. You can communicate with a two-way system, and record any activity. Those notorious porch pirates, intent on stealing your delivered packages, had better beware!


Vivint will get you to sign a 3.5 to 5-year contract, which is one of the longest in the home security industry.


Vivint Pros and Cons



  • Vivint offers one of the best video doorbells on the market.
  • The home automation features are pretty advanced
  • You’ll have full communication with every part of your house – no more yelling from the top floor into the basement!


  • A basic equipment setup can cost you upwards of $800 in total.
  • You have to sign up for a lengthy contract.

Protect America Security Features


Protect America has a range of packages with varying features and levels of functionality. Their offers are all DIY – you install the equipment yourself (with help from customer support if you need). You save on setup and maintenance fees.


The hub of your security system is the Touchscreen Control Panel that connects all your smart home devices. You’ll be able to monitor all of your sensors, and control the temperature in the house. You can also arm or disarm your system with the control panel.


Protect America gives you 24/7 monitoring, and their own mobile app that lets you access your system remotely.


Protect America will get you to sign a 3-year contract with a 60-day termination clause. You won’t own your own equipment – if you cancel your monitoring package, technicians will uninstall your system. But - you also won’t ever have to repair or replace the equipment yourself.  


Protect America Pros and Cons



  • The DIY system means there’s no installation or maintenance fees.
  • Protect America will give you a decent basic system for a reasonable price.
  • You can choose between landline, broadband or cell connectivity.


  • There are no outdoor cameras supplied with a Protect America system.
  • The indoor camera has a pretty limited range of vision.
  • You might get caught unawares with their 60-day termination clause.

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Vivint vs Protect  America Cost


Vivint is one of the more expensive home security systems on the market – but it boasts up-to-the-minute technology. You can choose your preferred level of automation.


Protect America is a bit more basic – you’ll get your security system without having to pay any setup fees. The number of gadgets you get depends on the package you choose.


Here is an overview of Protect America vs Vivint prices to give you an idea of what’s involved.




Protect America

Monitoring costs per month

Smart Security Service: $29.99

Copper: $41.99

Smart Home Service: $39.99

Silver: $49.99

Smart Home Video Service: $49.99

Platinum: $54.99

Equipment installation



24/7 Monitoring



Motion Detector



Smoke Detector



Flood Sensor



Indoor Camera



Outdoor Camera


Not available


Vivint vs Protect  America Cost - Which one is Best?


If you have your sights set on a home security system with seriously high-tech smart home functionality, then Vivint might be the provider you’re looking for. Needless to say, this kind of futuristic functionality comes at somewhat of a hefty fee.


Vivint systems are installed by their own technicians, so you won’t have to worry about setting anything up yourself. You also probably won’t be able to move anything without calling out a team!


Protect America provides decent home security systems that are geared towards a more no-fuss, no-frills type of homeowner. They offer plenty of automation features if you want them, and you’ll pay considerably less for your system than with Vivint.


You get to decide how and where to install your components, and you’ll get plenty of assistance from their customer support. You just won’t get the same kind of high-tech gadgets as you would with Vivint.


Both Vivint and Protect America will help you protect your family and possessions. Choosing between these two systems basically boils down to your preference between “gadgets” vs “affordability.”

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