Armorax Blackbox Security System Review

Armorax Blackbox Security System Review

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Armorax Blackbox is part of a line of new generation home security technologies that comes with everything you need to keep your entire household safe and secured. The Armorax Blackbox is the real deal...

What Exactly is the Armorax Blackbox?

Armorax Blackbox is one of the most recent home security workpieces by This new technology comes packaged in an orange box, and offers both home security and home automation in one package. The new and versatile security technology from has thrust them to the forefront of home security and has made the company more commendable than ever. 

The system includes a touch screen panel, motion sensor, and 2 contact sensors to protect your doors and windows. The device offers a lot of flexibility because it's completely up to you how you grow the device. This means that you can either use only the components you've received, or you can add as many compatible devices as you want. is a technology company that has consistently created top-rated security hardware and apps. Armorax security, therefore, comes as just another of their huge successes.

Armorax Blackbox in Detail

Armorax Blackbox offers you a combination of tools and features sufficient enough to set up a virtual no trespassing zone around your home. The basic devices include:

  • Armorax BlackboxA touch-screen control panel that has a built-in siren and an around the clock battery backup. The panel comes from 2GIG wireless technology and communicates through a Z-Wave protocol that allows you to add as many as 232 Z-Wave devices. This touch screen panel is interactive and very easy to navigate.
  • A motion sensor that has a long-lasting battery of up to five years. The sensor can cover an area of 30 by 50 feet, and is immune to animals weighing 55 pounds or less.
  • Two-door sensors that are very easy to install since neither drilling nor power tools are required. Besides doors, these sensors can also be installed on windows.

The Armorax Blackbox system is very flexible and you can choose to use it on its own or add more compatible devices to it. You can connect the system to your HVAC machine, a smart lock, a light dimmer or even fire detectors. Some of the compatible brands include 2GIG, Evolve, Lutron, Trane, Jasco, Leviton, Yale, and Honeywell.

Blackbox Mobile App

For extra security and peace of mind, offers you two mobile plans each at a favorable fee per month. When you sign up for the first plan, you get an app plus an account which you will use to control and monitor your security. The plan also comes with a Crash and Smash technology; a feature that will enable your security system sends you notifications of break-ins, low battery, and other emergencies.

Armorax Blackbox mobile appThe mobile app will work well on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone, Pebble or even Apple Watch. With the app, you will be able to tell when the power is out, or when your security system is being tampered with. You will also be in a position to set up notifications based on different scenarios and even customize who in your home should or should not receive notifications.

With the app installed, you get an everyday self-monitoring system. However, you have the option of spending a little bit more on a monitoring plan that offers you more than just features of the mobile app. You can either opt for month-to-month monitoring, or take on a longer contract. The short-term contract lasts for one year whereas the long-term agreement can go up to 36 months.

This second plan offers you a monthly billing option if you are not one for long-term commitments. On the other hand, however, choosing the longer contract will earn you higher discounts. If you feel unsure about the credibility of the security system, you have a one-month risk-free period to try it out.

Armorax Security Installation

Installing Armorax Blackbox is a DIY job. You can easily get it to work without having to call a technician. This gives you the freedom to set it up exactly how you want and also to the size of your liking. After receiving the system, just download the mobile app then check your email for the login details. Next, plug the touchscreen panel and install your sensors, after which you can comfortably start controlling the system.

It's that simple! Then, all that is left to do is to decide if you want your system unmonitored, self-monitored or professionally monitored.

Reasons To Buy the Armorax Blackbox

Armorax security comes with numerous benefits. This includes:

  • Besides home security, you can use the system to manage and monitor other smart devices in your home
  • You can add to it more compatible devices to increase security in your home
  • You can use the system to monitor other risks at home, such as fire, smoke, and unfavorable temperature changes
  • You can choose to monitor the system yourself or pay a small subscription fee for professional monitoring

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How often do you get such high-ranked equipment with adaptable monitoring agreements? Where you even have the option for self-monitoring or professional monitoring? The Armarax Blackbox answers many home security questions and offers flexibility so anyone can use it.

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