Best Unmonitored Home Security Systems

Best Unmonitored Home Security Systems

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If you want your home safe and secure, it’s pretty easy in this day and age – but it can come at a premium price. How do you get top home security at a price you can afford?


Luckily, with new-era smart technology, you can do exactly that. Unmonitored home security systems give you most of the benefits of monitored security, but without the high costs.


If “unmonitored” sounds distinctly unsafe, think of it rather as self-monitored security – because you’re doing the monitoring! You can keep track of what’s happening at your house when you’re not there, using your smartphone or tablet.


Why Should You Choose An Unmonitored Home Security System?


Monitored security systems are great for your peace of mind, but they’re not practical for every homeowner. If you live in a secure gated community or apartment block, you won’t need a monitoring package – but you might want some security cameras and sensors to keep an eye on anything happening around your home.

Some people just don’t want the expense of monthly monitoring, and prefer to keep an eye on their own property. You can choose a system that sends you text alerts to your smartphone or tablet. 


You can also have a high-decibel alarm installed that would alert you or a trusted neighbor to any intrusions or other problems. Ideally, you want an alarm that makes a 105-decibel sound – around the same noise level as a stadium sports event!


With all these benefits, there are also some downsides to keep in mind.  A lack of 24/7 monitoring by a service provider means that if you’re not home, you’ll have to be very vigilant and keep an eye on your connected devices.


Another disadvantage is that if your broadband internet connection isn’t too reliable, you might not get the text alerts that tell you something could be wrong. Mobile apps that work from the cell network are usually only available with the pricier monthly monitoring packages.  


With a self-monitored system, you cut out the middle man and monthly fees. You also have easy portability so you can take your system with you wherever you go. Moreover, you get the benefit of flexible configurations so that you can customize your setup. 


The 4 Highest- Rated Unmonitored Home Security Systems


Here we take a look at the features and costs of the four top unmonitored home security systems available today. Each of these systems was rated by independent reviewers with at least 4 out of 5 stars.


1.SimpliSafe Home Security System


SimpliSafe is a well-known and well-loved home security solution, with both unmonitored and monthly monitoring options. The company makes its own security equipment, so there’s no middle-man markup.


The basic starter package gives you fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring solutions. Carbon monoxide sensors are vital for your home security system, so don’t skimp on them — 4000 Americans a year are hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes.


SimpliSafe doesn’t need you to sign a lengthy contract to get the benefits of their system. Overall, their system is considered the best by many experts in the security field.


2. Abode Home Security Starter Kit


Abode is an attractively low-cost DIY solution that provides no-frills wireless equipment that you can easily install. You can upgrade to a monitored solution if you want.


Adobe security kits don’t have all of the features of the more advanced and pricier offerings, but they’re perfectly adequate for most homeowners looking for a basic solution.


On the downside, the company charges upfront fees on top of their equipment bundle prices. Customization is limited in their bundled packages – you pick a bundle of equipment at a set price, and that’s the exact equipment you get, with no swopping.


You’ll also have to decide within 14 days if you want to return their product, instead of the 30 or 60 days that other companies offer. 


3. iSmartAlarm Premium Package


iSmartAlarmThe iSmartAlarm home security packages offer you choice, choice, choice. You can pick a DIY option, then upgrade or expand as much as you like.


iSmartAlarm isn’t an Apple product, despite what the name suggests, but you can still be assured of its quality – the equipment is top-notch and modern. Also, don’t be put off by the “Premium” in the name – the package is affordable and available without lengthy contracts.  


The app you have to download is available on a number of devices, and you get alerts sent to you via WiFi and 3G so you’re reachable no matter where you are. However, the app isn’t available for the web, so you can’t be alerted on your PC.


4. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device


Canary’s unmonitored home security system is as simple and user-friendly as it comes. It consists of a single gadget with 1080p HD video capture, motion detection, and plenty of other great features. You get remote control access through the mobile app, and there’s plenty of home automation upgrades.


Canary’s offering is, obviously, one of the easiest systems to install, and it’s affordable. If you want to upgrade to a monitoring system, there’s an offer available for only $10 a month.


Some not-so-great features of the Canary home security system: you’ll need a membership plan if you want to see more than the previous 24 hours of recorded video, and to use the two-way audio and desktop streaming.


Unmonitored Home Security System Costs


While you won’t pay for monitoring with the systems we described, there’s still going to be money involved to purchase the equipment you want. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to pay upfront.


Home Security System





Upfront Bundle Costs

Starts at $229

Starts at $229

Starts at $199

Starts at $169





The biggest drawback of unmonitored home security systems is that you have to keep an eye on your own devices to make sure there’s no emergency.


And if something happens, you’ll have to contact the emergency services yourself.


They might take longer to get there than a security company. If you’re away from home a lot, these systems might not be ideal for you.


On the other hand, they’re a great option for homeowners who don’t want or need around-the-clock service. You still get the peace of mind that high-quality cameras, sensors, and alarms can give you, but without the extra expense.

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