Frequently Asked Questions

Day-to-day we get a lot of questions about how things work here on MyHomeSecurityPro. Here is a collection of the most common questions raised by our users. If you have a question that isn’t answered here in our FAQs, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page.

Why should I get a home security system?

In this day and age, everyone is at risk of a burglary or worse. Those who have been affected agree that the cost of an alarm system far outweighs the risks of crime and the emotional impact of a burglary. Your home security system is not only an investment that will serve to lower monthly home insurance premiums, but it will also provide peace of mind and a sense of protection like nothing else.

How much can a security system save on insurance?

The safer you keep your property, the less chance of a burglary. This lowers the risk for insurance companies and, therefore, your insurance premium. While there are many factors which will ultimately influence just how much you can save on your insurance, it can generally range anywhere between 5% and 20%, depending on the type of home security equipment you've installed.

Are the home security estimates you provide really free?

Our estimates are completely FREE with absolutely no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts, and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. At My Home Security Pro, we simply help you to find the best deal possible. Our competitive marketplace makes shopping for a new home security system simpler and much faster than ever before.

How are you able to provide free home security estimates?

By filling out one simple online form, you will be providing valuable information to help us better understand your specific home security needs and requirements. Once your information has been processed, our pre-selected home security companies will compete for your business.

What happens if I am not happy with my estimates?

Our estimates are completely free and there is no obligation to sign any contracts or make any purchases. If you are unhappy with the any part of the service or the quote that you have received, you can simply choose to ignore it. However, My Home Security Pro always aims to provide you with the best service and home security estimates possible. Our mission is to speed up the process of finding a reliable home security company and to assist in making the best choice not only for your home, but for your finances too. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with My Home Security Pro.

Which home security company is rated the best?

There are many great home security providers, each with their own range of quality products, and because there are so many factors which contribute to a good security system, it all depends on your personal home security needs. Some of these factors can be more (or even less) important to you as an individual when considering your unique home security requirements. Therefore, the best home security system will be the one which is tailored to meet your specific security requirements.

How much do home security systems cost?

With such a wide range of home security options available, and so many factors to consider, it's difficult to estimate exactly what a home security system of your choice will cost. On average, however, a home security system and installation can cost anywhere between $250 and $1600, including equipment and activation fees. Monthly monitoring fees can average between $10 for basic monitoring and up to $100 depending on the type of services you require. If you would like a more accurate idea of what a home security system will cost you, why not request a free estimate?

Do I really need a professional installation service?

Yes. A home security expert will bring industry-specific knowledge and experience to your installation which will guarantee the best installation practices for surveillance cameras, sensors, and control panel placement in and around your home. A licensed home security professional can ensure an installation that's glitch-free and they also won't damage your equipment during the installation.

Can I get a home security system without a landline?

Yes. Thanks to cellular technology, home security systems are available without the need of a landline nowadays. Wireless security and monitoring services provide 24 hour protection, so there's no need to worry if your landline, internet connection, or electrical power is cut. You can check-in, receive security updates, and even have remote access through your smartphone device so that you have total control over your home security.

Can I get home security without monitoring?

Home security without monitoring, or self-monitoring systems, connect your mobile device to your home via a WiFi connection. With this, you receive alarm trigger notifications on your smartphone wherever you are through an app. This allows you to monitor your home remotely and give family, neighbors, or emergency services access to your home from the palm of your hand. These systems are generally inexpensive and offer easy DIY installation. They are a great choice for those renting homes or apartments since they are wireless and easy to relocate.

Can I get a home security system without credit check?

There are, unfortunately, a number of home security companies which require credit checks and equipment deposits. Without a credit score, these security providers simply won’t be serving you. The good news, however, is that there are some home security companies which provide security systems without a credit check, no deposit, and no contract. In this case, equipment will have to be paid for upfront.