How To Choose A Home Security Alarm System

How To Choose A Home Security Alarm System

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According to the Department of Justice, just over 3.7 million burglaries occur each year on average. If that statistic concerns you, installing a home security alarm system will definitely help ease your mind. The question is, however, how do you choose a home security alarm system that fits your household? There are several different types of alarm systems available, and this guide will help you understand the basics of choosing an alarm system to suit you.

Three Major Types of Home Security Alarm Systems

There are 3 major types of home alarm systems to choose from:

Monitoring, or Self-Reporting

This is a system that connects a security service via your home phone, cell phone, internet connection, or all three. The benefit of this system is that even when you are not present it will contact the security service or dispatch the police. The downside to landline and wireless internet, however, is that phone lines can be cut, and a power outage will cause DSL and cable internet services to become unavailable. Cellular services, on the other hand, are almost always available.

Installation or Service-Based

The service-based home security alarm system can be either installed by a professional or you can install it yourself. These can be hard-wired or wireless. The benefit of having a professional install your wired system is that you know for certain the installation will be done correctly. The installer will also show you how to use the system. In older buildings, using an installation expert is beneficial as older homes can be problematic, and a professional will better understand how to solve those problems. If you choose to install the system yourself, you are often limited to only the wireless systems which can take upwards of 40-minutes to install. Professionally installed equipment is almost always owned by the security alarm service company. This means that they carry the cost for upgrades and replacement systems. The self-installed system is owned by the homeowner, and upgrades or replacement parts are for your own pocket. You can, however, take the system with you if you move, but if it breaks you will be responsible for the costs associated of replacing it too.

Automated Security Alarm Systems

A security plus alarm system would be a home automation system that includes a security detail. Many homeowners opt for partial or full house automation systems which revolve around a home security alarm unit. These systems range from basic to highly sophisticated setups. The benefits of these systems are that they offer programmable features, like remote access, HVAC controls, lighting controls, and some even offer automated curtain and blind settings. These systems can save you money on heating and cooling costs every month, and they add an element of convenience to your lifestyle.

Which System is Best for You?

If you own your home, the professionally installed monitored systems are likely the best choice. If you rent, then the DIY wireless system may be better for you simply because you can take it with you when you move. Homeowners may also be more interested in home automation systems which include a security alarm system. These systems give you full control over your home, offering the convenience of remote access and control from your smart device.

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