Here's Your Pre-Vacation Home Security Checklist

Here's Your Pre-Vacation Home Security Checklist

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It’s time for summer fun! That usually means family trips, time away from the office and, of course, your home. Is your home security checklist in order? No matter where you’re headed, taking care of the important things should always be a priority. Ensuring your home is secure when you’re not there is only natural, but it could mean the difference between coming home to everything intact, or a burgled home. So, how do you enjoy a vacation when you are worrying about the security of your home? With our checklist, of course!

10 Point Pre-Vacation Home Security Checklist

Here is a checklist you can put into action so you can enjoy the stress-free vacation you deserve:

1. Maintain your exterior

You want to make sure your home remains “livable” even when you’re not there. That means getting the grass cut before you leave and making arrangements with the lawn man to maintain your yard even when you aren't around.

2. Make sure all your outside lights are working

This is important. Your outdoor lighting system should come on at a certain time every day to deter any unwanted visitors.

3. Move your car into the garage

If you have a car that has not been moved for a few days, people notice. If you have a garage, make sure you pull it in to keep curious eyes away.

4. Turn it off

There are a number of things inside your home that can be turned off or unplugged, like the gas and small appliances. Turning off the water to your washing machine is also a good idea.

5. Clean it up

Make sure you clean all the dishes, the garbage disposal, and the bathrooms prior to leaving.

6. Increase security

Check all your windows and doors, and make sure your alarm is working properly. Adjust windows shades so that most of them are closed while still allowing light to filter in. Any contact numbers on your system should be tied to someone who can quickly come to your home in the event of an emergency.

7. Time it

Timers aren’t just for the outside. Placing timers on a few lights within your home will keep your space occupied when you are away.

8. Secure your valuables

Any valuables that you have should be moved to a safety deposit box and out of the home if you are leaving for an extended period of time.

9. Mail

Get the post office to hold your mail so that your box won’t overflow.

10. Work with your neighbors

Ask a neighbor or two to check on your home every so often and remove any flyers. You may also ask them to pull out your trash cans and then replace them so it will look like someone has been at home.

Just Before You Go...

This checklist will ensure your home security is fool-proof when you are on vacation. Leave a key with a trusted relative or neighbor and make sure they have a working number to contact you on immediately if they need to. Any pets should either travel with you, placed with a friend or in a shelter. The pre-vacation home security checklist will help you get your home ready for your vacation away. Plan ahead, and you can have fun without worrying about anything back home. Safe travels!

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