Why Home Security is More Affordable Than a Burglary

Why Home Security is More Affordable Than a Burglary

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While a new home security system may represent a substantial expense, many burglaries are far more costly. Even if your home contains only a few valuable belongings, a burglary will have a devastating impact, and they frequently result in long-term financial, physical and psychological complications. The following points and statistics will attempt to clarify the benefits of investing in a home security system and why it is far more cost-effective than suffering a burglary.

Average Cost

In the United States, the typical burglary results in a total expense of almost $2,200. This is more than enough money to install a highly sophisticated home security system. Even when thieves don't find any expensive items, they often cause hundreds of dollars in door or window damage. They can also find information that facilitates identity theft. The purchase and installation of a legitimate home security system will come in anywhere between $400 - $1,700. Also keep in mind that is a once-off payment.

Repeat Offenses

Don't assume that another burglary won't occur because your home has already been robbed. Thieves frequently strike twice, especially if they know there is no monitored home security system, thereby, inflicting costs several times greater than the expense of a home security alarm. Some criminals target homes repeatedly because they remember valuables that they weren't able to steal the first time either.


Without a home security alarm, your annual risk of a burglary stands at 25 - 33 %. This figure varies due to differences in location and several other factors, and the fact remains that the risk of losing over $2,000 in property to a thief is reduced to less than 1% if a contractor installs a monitored system in your home.


After criminals burglarize a home, the residents' possessions are rarely reclaimed by police. Things like jewelry, watches, and mobile devices are easy to hide, and thieves often quickly resell them. Even if you have home or renters' coverage, most insurers enforce numerous restrictions and maintain large deductibles. You still have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, on replacements and repairs. It's also important to think about the potential home insurance savings. A monitored system may reduce premiums by as much as one-fifth.

Locks & Keys

Burglars regularly break door locks in the process of entering homes. Until you can replace the lock, your property remains at an increased risk of burglary and other crimes. It usually costs around $200 to take care of this, and you may need to pay extra for emergency services too!


Thieves frequently make a mess which can be difficult to clean up. For example, burglars may enter through a window and cover your carpet in tiny glass fragments. They might also spill things or knock items over as they search for valuables. This results in time-consuming or costly cleaning tasks.

Lost Time

One thing you can never replace is the time it takes to recover from a burglary. You may miss work or lose vacation days to these tasks, such as replacing your belongings, performing repairs, filing insurance claims and hiring contractors.

Emotional Effects

Burglaries can have a negative psychological impact for years to come. You may feel unsafe in your own home, while irreplaceable items with sentimental value could be lost forever. You might even start to feel guilty or become angry at yourself because you didn't prevent the theft. Increased stress may even result in physical health problems.

Health Expenses

Stress isn't the only part of a robbery that could cause bodily harm. About 1 out of 14 incidents involve violence. In addition to pain and suffering, this can result in huge medical bills. There are usually substantial co-pays and deductibles, even if you have insurance. You may also miss numerous days of work. The bottom line is that a single burglary can cost many times more than what a home security system does, and when you consider what you stand to gain, a home security system it is one of the smartest investments you could ever make.

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