How Social Media Updates Could Invite Burglars To Your Home

How Social Media Updates Could Invite Burglars To Your Home

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Social media sites, like Facebook, are where we go to show the world our good fortune. It's also a place where burglars trawl to find easy targets. On top of showcasing all our valuables, we post things on social media about when we leave for work, when we go on vacation, and all other details which define our schedules. That data is most encouraging for would-be thieves looking to pick the most opportune moment to rob us blind. Do we reveal too much of our lives, routines, and valuables on social media? For many of us the answer to that question is YES! We post pictures of our homes, our artwork, our yards, and we talk about the things we buy, own, and treasure. All of those aspects of our daily lives are valuable to people who make their living stealing other people's stuff. In this article, we will discuss how to decrease the impact of social media on the security of our home.

Evaluate What You Post to Social Media

Burglars love it when you to post pictures of your home. It shows them where the vulnerable places are. They want you to photograph your living room, bedrooms, and kitchens because once they get inside, they know exactly where to go. It is great to share your accomplishments with the rest of the world, but do so with an editing eye. A good example is to talk about your vacation after you get back from it. Edit social media posts that talk about special possessions, such as jewelry, new computers, and other things that are valuable, easy to sell, and can be carried off easily by a burglar.

Amp Up Your Social Media Security

Most social media sites like Facebook have personal privacy settings. Review the settings for each social media platform that you use, and make a conscious decision about how much you share with the world.

Opt-Out of the Check-In Feature

The last thing you want is for a would-be burglar to be able to trace your exact location and time of arrival. The check-in feature tells everyone who is watching your movements when you are away from your home. Turn off the GPS and turn on the security.

Keep The Secret

Keep your address secret and keep your mobile number secret too.  If would-be thieves should discover your location, a home security system is the only thing that will foil their plans.

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