LifeShield Review

LifeShield Review

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Features Pros Cons
24/7 advanced video monitoring Operational in all 50 states 3-Year contract
Free equipment Five monitoring stations across the US Credit check required
Multi-layered security Local crime alerts to your cellphone Early termination fees may apply
Professional or DIY installation No contracts No automation options
Live video streaming Fast response time (within seconds) Can’t use app to control any locks, lights, or thermostats
Smoke & fire protection    
Remote access    
Crash-and-Smash protection    


LifeShield is a home security system that has taken the industry by storm. With competitive rates and top-notch protection, the state of the art security system offers round the clock monitoring. This helps to protect against a variety of threats in and around your home. It’s easy to install, the payments are affordable, and you the equipment is moveable. With monitoring stations around the United States, LifeShield can go with you wherever it is you decide to live. 

More About LifeShield

Every security package offered by LifeShield comes with standard fire and smoke protection. Best of all, this comes at no additional cost to you.

Happy family secure homeThe company specializes in making its own equipment too. They can deliver to your house and install the system without any problems.

In total, you get just over $1000 in equipment, free of additional charge, when choosing LifeShield as your home security provider. 

The company also has custom sensor technology to work with the fire systems already in place in your home.

This technology links into your home by listening to the existing smoke and carbon monoxide monitors.

Where there is a danger or perceived threat of smoke or carbon monoxide levels, the system contacts your local fire department immediately.

Advanced Videos for Theft Protection

Each security package offered by LifeShield comes with standard protection against burglary. The most attractive feature on offer is the ability to watch your home live from a smartphone. Cameras are installed throughout the home in strategic locations for you to have the best view possible. The cameras are small, making them unnoticeable to anyone who does not know they are there.

There is also no need to drill anywhere in your house. You can simply slip them into a convenient spot and begin watching. They can also be set to record automatically, at all times, or at certain times of the day. In addition to live streaming, you can also trigger the alarm from your phone while watching.

Access to Your Phone

Each package you purchase includes access from your smartphone using the LifeShield app.

LiveWatch phone security monitoringFrom there you can turn your security system on and off, change your passwords, or even tamper with the video.

You can also take screenshots and get alerts sent straight to your phone.

Though you are not able to control the locks in your house using this app just yet, this is something the company is hoping to offer soon.

Multi-Layered Monitoring

Broadband, landline, and cellphone signal are used to give you multi-layer protection in the home.

This is connected to LifeShield 24/7, giving you fast response times when you need it most (sometimes even in seconds).

Even when the internet goes down, you’ll still be able to connect with home security professionals in the area for immediate response.

A Great Plan for Renters

LifeShield is great for people who are renting an apartment for the first time. You don’t have to own the place you are living in to get a reliable home security system. LifeShield offers consumers a free system with monitoring for a monthly fee (plus the fee to activate). Because the equipment is integrated into your place’s already existing equipment, it’s easy to move when you are ready to go. You also get to keep your same monitoring plan and move it to the next place you are renting so that there are absolutely no interruptions in your service. 

Why Choose LifeShield?

LifeShield will offer you peace of mind wherever you are traveling around the world, or even from just down the street. The quality of protection and convenience of the use makes LifeShield home security one of the best home security companies in the world. 

  1. Customers have the option to enlist the help of a professional or save on costs and install the system on their own.
  2. No upfront equipment fee and they don't charge for set-up, shipping, or customer support.
  3. Has advanced indoor and outdoor wireless HD security cameras, allowing you to keep an eye on your home in real-time from anywhere.

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