Link Interactive Home Security Systems Review

Link Interactive Home Security Systems Review

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When considering a new home security system, Link Interactive should easily make your shortlist of companies to consider. They offer both cost-efficient and tech-friendly home security solutions.

Link Interactive doesn't charge for any shipping, set-up, or customer support. They also bring consumers some of the best deals possible on some of the latest security innovations. 

If it's your first time purchasing a home security system and you're looking for smoke, carbon monoxide, heat/freeze sensors, or extra video monitoring equipment, Link Interactive will have you covered with some of the best options available in the modern home security industry. 

Link Interactive offers 24/7 professional monitoring, great customer service, NO installation or activation fees, and a 30-day risk-free trial!

What Makes Link Interactive Systems Different?

A lot of the security systems can and will send you emails or text messages in an emergency. 

But, what if you don't have your phone with you? Or what happens if your battery's gone flat? 

What if you need REAL HELP, RIGHT NOW?!

Link Interactive's 24/7 central station monitoring has the ability to contact anyone through their panel inside your home. A trained operator can also alert 911 or call any other emergency medical services when you do not respond to the panel right away.

When time is of the essence, a fast first response can make all the difference when the safety and security of your home and family are at stake.

Link Interactive brings you custom security packages to match any home security company out there. With this type of flexibility on offer, you are able to choose the equipment you really want and customize your package so that it suits your unique home security requirements. 

Link Interactive Home Automation

The world we live in today has become very techy, and Link Interactive has all the home automation products you could ever want.

Home automation can offer a lot of conveniences, and installing any of Link's products will bring you peace of mind knowing that you are in full control of your home's security features wherever you are. This including everyday tasks like:

  • controlling your garage door from anywhere
  • locking and unlocking your doors from your phone
  • turning lights on/off automatically whenever you choose
  • doorbell cameras to see who's by the front door without opening it
  • thermostats control to maintain the temperature in your home for comfortable living

And thanks to free apps for AndroidiOS and Microsoftyou have easy access and control over all your home security features. 

Link Interactive Home Security Packages

Link Interactive's monitoring systems are 5-Diamond rated and UL-listed, with 3 main packages available to consumers who require security monitoring inside and outside of their home. Packages include the Standard, Gold, and Elite:

Features Standard Gold


Monthly Monitoring Fees $30.99 $35.99 $40.99
30 Day Trial      
24/7 Monitoring      
2-Way Voice Communication      
100% Cellular      
Home Automation      
Email & Text Alerts      
False Alarm Alerts      
Smash-&Crash Protection      
Fire/ Smoke/ CO2 Alarm      
Temperature Sensor      
Access to App (4*)      
HD Video Cameras      
Night Vision & Motion Activated      

Life Safety Products

Link Interactive offers you an extra layer of security with a variety of life safety products. This allows you to be ready for any disasters that may occur. The range of products includes smokes detectors that communicate with your alarm panel, monitors that work with the existing UL smoke detectors found in your home, wireless sensors to monitor freeze for pipes, furnace heat, and AC failure, a wireless carbon monoxide detector with built-in siren, and more!

Link Interactive monitors and sensors

All the services from Link Interactive are wireless, so your home shouldn't be "unsafe" just because the internet went out either. Instead of an internet connection, Link Interactive uses a cellular signal. This is considered in the industry to be the safest and most reliable signal for monitoring your home's security.

Crash-and-Smash Protection

Crash-and-Smash is a special function brought to you Link Interactive in conjunction with

This function prevents a smart burglar from getting around your alarm. In most cases, a delay is programmed into your alarm system which allows for 30-60 second delay, allowing the user to get to the keypad and deactivate it. For some criminals, this leaves ample time to deactivate your system altogether. 

With the crash-and-smash technology, however, a continuous signal sent to the monitoring center. As soon as your point of entry is compromised, an alert will call 911 for help immediately.

Unlike an alarm system that might rely on a phone line exclusively, there are no wires to cut with a cellular signal. 

To top it off, although Link Interactive's security equipment is dependant on power, everything comes with a backup battery pack in case your electricity does ever go out. With Link Interactive, your home will remain protected at all times, no matter what situation arises. 

Link Interactive DIY and Home Automation

If you're a smart homeowner and want to make your property safer by getting into the range of DIY products, Link Interactive has many options that will allow you to customize your home security package in order to better fit into your home. Everything is easy enough to install, yet extremely effective and secure enough to keep your home and your family safe from criminals for years to come. With Link Interactive's DIY home automation options, you will be able to arm or disarm your whole system, control lighting, and thermostats, check your security cameras and more, no matter where you are. You can opt for extras like:

  • door sensors
  • window sensors
  • extra alarm panels & wireless keypads
  • tilt sensors (for garage doors)
  • touchpads and more...

Link Interactive Home Security Takeover Program

Have you ever considered how fast the home security industry is developing new technologies to keep your home safer than ever before? It's always a good idea to reassess your needs from time-to-time and ensure that your home is 100% secured all the time. 

home security center monitoring agentsLink Interactive has a takeover program for people that already have a security system in place but still want to upgrade to something newer and better. The takeover program involves Link Interactive home security specialists who will firstly assess, and then order all the equipment you may require for upgrading your old home security system to a new one. This is one of the most efficient changeovers from one security system to another imaginable, and with 100% support on hand to answer any questions and queries you may have, you will be more than satisfied with Link Interactive's very successful home security takeover program. 

Why Choose Link Interactive?

People that hire Link Interactive to install their home security systems OR those that purchase any of the DIY products from have made the choice to go with a reputable industry leader and a company with a proven track record. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and offer superior customer service across the board. 

  • 24/7 cellular monitoring including a 3-year warranty on all their equipment
  • Full home automation capabilities with the use of a simple app to set temperature, lock doors, turn the lights, check on cameras and more
  • Easy DIY installation and customization that allows you to work within your specific budget

If you want to keep your home, yourself and your loved ones safe with a reliable home security system, Link Interactive should definitely be one to consider for all of your home security and automation needs.

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