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PoE Home Security Camera

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Are you thinking of upgrading your home security camera system? Replacing it with a PoE camera system can give you extra peace of mind, and the satisfaction of having up-to-date high-tech equipment.

What are PoE cameras?

There are two main types of surveillance cameras used for home security – analog and IP cameras. Analog cameras are set up to send images via coaxial cables to a digital video recorder, and they have a centralized power source. IP or Internet Protocol cameras stream the video feed over a network, and are generally powered by a PoE (Power over Ethernet) system.

PoE is a system that passes both electrical power and data on an Ethernet cable – so no extra power source is required. The system can also be configured to allow for lots of extra cameras, but without all the extra messy cabling.

PoE cameras are used both indoors and outdoors, but they’re designed for more heavy-duty surveillance than a simple indoor camera like the Piper.

Advantages of PoE Home Security Cameras

  • Time-saving: You won’t have to get electrical power cabling installed. 
  • Cost-saving: You don’t need a qualified electrician to fit network or ethernet cables.
  • Space-saving: Ethernet cables can be located anywhere.
  • Safety: PoE delivery is designed to protect network equipment from issues of overload, leakage or underpowering. The power source equipment only provides power when it detects the connection of PoE-enabled devices.
  • Better digital resolution: Especially with 3MegaPixel/4MP cameras. You have a higher chance of positive identification of burglars etc.
  • Versatility: IP cameras can work as standalone devices, store clips, FTP images, send email alert notifications, and more.
  • Audio: PoE cameras can record or reproduce audio if speakers are fitted.
  • Convenience: Non-PoE devices and PoE-enabled devices can co-exist, so you can mix-and-match.
  • Easy to maintain: PoE can be managed through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This function can allow shutdown, remote reset, etc.
  • Flexibility:  IP cameras and wireless access points can be located wherever they are needed, and don’t need to be near a power source.
  • Scalability: Power available on the network means that the installation and distribution of network connections are easy and effective.
  • Reliability: PoE power comes from a universally compatible source, not distributed wall adapters.

If you install PoE IP cameras, you can easily move, change, upgrade or modify your existing network without hassle. This offers great flexibility in accommodating changes to your network or business needs.

Disadvantages of PoE Home Security Cameras

  • Expense – IP cameras and related equipment cost more than traditional analog cameras and cabling.
  • Centralized risk - if the PoE switch connected to multiple IP cameras fails (which is unlikely, but still), your cameras will all go down at once. At least you’ll know exactly what and where the problem is!
  • Power insufficiency - PoE standard maximum output power is below 15.4W – fine for most IP cameras, but not sufficient for high power consumption devices like PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras.
  • Distance - PoE cameras have an upper distance limit of around 300 feet from the power source.

PoE Home Security Camera Costs and Features

PoE cameras are more costly than analog cameras, but there’s a range of choices that will suit most budgets.

You can install many of the camera kits yourself, if you have some DIY savvy and patience! Otherwise, suppliers will most likely be able to recommend an installer in your area that can do the job for you.  

Here are a few options to give you an idea of what you can expect.

The SV3C IP POE Camera is an affordable option from only $39.99 per single camera. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and has a 65-foot night vision capability.


  • 1080 HD video quality
  • 2 megapixel video resolution.
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Compatible with most ONVIF network video recorders and other devices

The Phylink PLC-335PW is a mid-range PoE security camera option. It’s rugged and can withstand the great outdoors. Its high resolution lets law enforcement identify criminals clearly, if necessary. Cost: from $119.00.


  • 1080p high resolution
  • Night vision up to 30ft
  • 60-degree viewing angle
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Waterproof junction box
  • MicroSD slot for extra memory

The LaView 12 1080P IP Camera Security System is a full camera kit that retails from $949.00. It’s a Plug and Play system with built-in PoE.

  • Full HD 1080P
  • 30 IR LEDs that can see up to 100 feet at night
  • Free mobile apps allow mobile viewing for Smartphones, tablets, PC, and Macs
  • 3D DNR gives sharper monitoring and playback


Home-security-camera-systemsPoE IP camera systems are the go-to ultra-modern solution for high definition video monitoring.

They are used in many applications beyond just residential security, so you can be assured that some serious thought has gone into their design and functionality.

IP cameras have significantly better features than analog cameras: higher resolution, image quality, remote viewing and access, and more.

The integration of PoE technology has certainly helped this process.

PoE home security camera systems don’t come cheap, but they can be an extremely valuable addition to homes needing that extra surveillance and security.

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