The Best Way a Security Camera Prevents Burglaries

The Best Way a Security Camera Prevents Burglaries

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Homes without a security system are three times more likely to get burgled than homes with security cameras. But, of all the available options to thwart burglars, which one works the best? In this post, we will discuss security cameras and surveillance tips.

Security Cameras Versus Risk Factor

Deciding to burglarize a home or business is all a measure of risk and reward to would-be burglars. Yes, in the mind of a burglar, a burglary is like a scale. Security systems increase the risk of being caught, and if the reward is worth the risk, they are sure to take a chance. So what is it about a security camera that raises the risk too high, making it not worth getting caught?


The biggest threat to a burglar is being identified, and that means security cameras outrank all other security system features. An alarm system runs a close second, according to a study out of North Carolina at Charlotte, but cameras do something that no other security device does. They capture segments of time via photographs and video, the chances of identification and being caught goes up considerably.

Placement of Security Cameras

The top spots for breaking and entering a home are the front door, back door, and the first-floor windows. Camera placement should cover those areas adequately. Correct coverage is only one part, however, but if your goal is to deter burglars, the cameras must be in a place where they are visible. It is far better to be almost burglarized then to come home and find you are the victim of a home invasion.

Types of Surveillance Systems

There are a lot of options for surveillance systems, and your first choice will be, wired or wireless? If you have an older home with brick walls, wireless might be the best choice. You may also have more options to cover outbuildings and your garage with a wireless security system setup.

Image type choices include:

  1. Black & White/ Color - Clearer details at night with color in the day.
  2. Infrared - For low-light and almost no light setting, but also works well in the daytime.
  3. Intensifier - Limited to ambient light situations. Does not produce an image in darkness.

Image quality choices

Surveillance cameras are rated in TVL, which means Television Lines. The higher the TVL rating, the crisper the image. The base minimum for surveillance is 350 TVL. Quality images also require consideration of how wide the view is and how far away the camera will shoot clear shots or record clear video.

Video monitoring

This is a feature that works with security systems and security companies. It works well for businesses and home applications. Improving the way you monitor your home. The bottom line is, most burglars would rather avoid a home under surveillance than risk getting caught. Any good security cameras strategically set up around your home will deter would-be thieves. Criminals are opportunists, it makes sense then that you should represent your home as a high risk target.

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