Spectrum Home Security Review

Spectrum Home Security Review

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It can sometimes feel like home invasions and other crimes are happening constantly, even in “safe” neighborhoods. Having a home security company you can rely on is becoming more and more important for the average homeowner. Fortunately, there are many companies out there to choose from, and it's easy to find a home security system that matches your exact needs and budget. But...which ones can you TRULY rely on? Did you make the right choice? Was your money well-spent? Are you perhaps overpaying for s service you don't really need? 

Spectrum home security systems used to be renowned for their services and high-tech modern equipment. However, they’ve received some bad reviews over the last few years which have caused customers to think twice about choosing them over other security service providers.

This seems to be mainly as a result of changes to their corporate structure, and a shift of focus away from home security as a major part of the business. Regardless, it’s worth considering their strengths and weaknesses, if you’re shopping around for a company that meets your needs.

Spectrum Home Security System Features

Spectrum security is part of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communication’s list of products and services. It’s bundled together with their internet package – so you can’t get a Spectrum home security package on its own.

Similar to AT&T Digital Life,  becoming a customer of Spectrum will vary depending on where you live and what technology exists in your neighborhood.

Spectrum runs its own UL-certified and Five Diamond-certified monitoring service, which requires you to sign an 18-month contract. They also offer packages that include all the enhanced video and remote-controlled home automation functions that modern householders want. 

You have a number of options with Spectrum home security and automation, including video monitoring, energy management, and security sensors.

Spectrum’s security system is controlled by a touchscreen, with various apps, you can navigate. It communicates wirelessly with the installed sensors, and it uses broadband communication to contact the monitoring center. If your power or internet goes down, you’ll be able to rely on a battery and cellular back-up.

With your Spectrum home security setup, you can expect door/window and glass break sensors, infrared motion sensors, motion, and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and flood detectors, security cameras, smart thermostats, and more.

Spectrum home security isn’t available in all areas. If you’re planning on moving, and Spectrum isn’t available in your new location, you’ll pay a hefty cancellation fee.  

Spectrum Home Security Pros and Cons


  • Spectrum will send you one bill for your internet, phone, TV, and home security bundle.
  • Their equipment is top-notch and up-to-the-minute modern.


  • Home security is no longer Spectrum’s main focus, and their customer service gets bad reviews.
  • You’ll need Spectrum internet service to get their home security offering.
  • Add-on equipment is priced higher than most other top-rated alarm companies.
  • Equipment isn’t compatible with other security systems if you want to switch to another security provider in the future.

Spectrum Security offers some of the the best prices on security around. They offer a monitored home security and advanced home management system for your peace of mind. 

Spectrum Home Security Costs

Spectrum’s home security and automation packages start at $39.99 per month and include a touchscreen panel, two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, yard and window signs, and the modem and router for the Spectrum broadband network.

You can choose between a bundle option, and selecting your own equipment from a “menu”, which you’ll pay for individually.

Spectrum also offers an Upgrade Package, where they can overhaul and take over your existing system for $149.

Here are Spectrum home security bundle prices at a glance.

Bundle options



Security package


In-home touchscreen, two door/window sensors, choice of motion sensor or glass break sensor.

Security and video package


Everything from the security package plus an indoor/outdoor camera.

Security and energy package


The security package, plus a smart thermostat.

Security, video and energy package


The security package, plus thermostat and camera.



Spectrum announced in December 2019 that they will be discontinuing their service as of 5 February 2020. 

Many customers who were sold on Spectrum home security packages were left wondering what is happening. Once the date arrived, customers lost all access and monitoring ceased.

This was devastating news for many who were left considering their options after money had already been spent. Some of the equipment had been left functioning but without all the smart options. S

Luckily, security giant Ring and Abode stepped in to offer discounts for existing Spectrum customers. This may not be what Spectrum clients signed up for, but certainly, it does soften the blow while at the same time offering a legitimate option from reliable, well-established home security provider who is ready to assist all previous owner of Spectrum home monitoring systems. 

If you were a client, or you were perhaps considering Spectrum up until now, why not see the savings you can qualify for on a new Ring and Abode home security system? There's absolutely no obligation to requesting this estimate right now, and it's totally FREE of charge. Simply provide some basic information and you will get a clearer idea of what you stand to pay.