Why DIY Home Security Is a Very Bad Idea

Why DIY Home Security Is a Very Bad Idea

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Everywhere you turn nowadays there's a DIY recipe to complete almost anything yourself, and DIY home security is no different. Today there's homemade laundry detergent, DIY home décor, DIY solar panels - just about anything you can think of! Even kids are enjoying a new wave of DIY toys. DIY seems to be taking over the world, but there are some things, however, that should simply not become a DIY project. Even though it may seem like it could save you time and money, DIY home security is a very bad idea. Here’s why:

It’s Not Cheaper

You hear DIY, and automatically assume that it is the more financially conscious option. This is one of the major reasons people immediately consider DIY home security. After all, hiring someone to come in and install a system can be costly. In the end, calling in a qualified professional will be pennies when compared to the money and time spent on a DIY home security system, not to mention the hassle. The reality of a clever DIY security sales pitch isn't always what you thought it may be. That store-bought kit only has the main system, and perhaps a few sensors at most. Odds are, you're going to go out and buy several more sensors before the installation process is over. And that “great deal” you thought you got?  It often disintegrates into extras that add up into valuable dollars spent.

More Hassle

When professionals come in to install a system, they know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly where to start and how to handle small-scale issues. With DIY home security installation, you get an instruction manual, and the rest is all up to you. Hiring a professional might be the best way to not only get everything done in one go with as little frustration as possible, but also serve to minimize your long-term costs.


So many little things could go wrong during the installation of DIY home security, and if anything does, you, your home and your family could be in real jeopardy. If one aspect of your security system is flawed, your home may not be protected the way you think it is. Your ultimate safety is of real concern during the installation, and a professional's experience is needed to foresee the unseen problems and possibilities of your unique home security system.

Peace Of Mind

Still considering DIY home security installation? DIY can be great when it’s applied to kids crafts or small scale projects or hobbies, but are you ready to gamble on the daily security and safety of you and your family? Remember, every installation is different, and you need will ensure your system is in perfect working order from the start. A qualified professional will come in, install the system, the sensors, and get out. Any troubleshooting or other minor issues can be dealt with there and then. DIY home security projects really are a bad idea, so why not hire a professional who knows what they’re doing? It's the only way to have peace of mind and know you are 100% protected.

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