7 Reasons Why You Need Home Security

7 Reasons Why You Need Home Security

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Can you imagine for a second if the chances of winning a multi-million-dollar lottery were the same as becoming a victim of a house break-in? Lottery sales would probably skyrocket, and the lottery would cease to exist if it had to make so many payments! According to FBI crime reports, over 2 million home burglaries occur in the United States each year. That means, on average, that someone’s home, personal privacy, and peace of mind are violated every 13 seconds. That's about 4 burglaries per minute, 240 per hour, and nearly 6,000 each day! Yet, with those scary crime statistics, some might still not be convinced to go through the trouble and extra expense of installing a home security system. If you're still living in a home without reliable security, here are 7 more reasons why you need a home security system.

1. Home Security Systems Actually Deter Bad Guys

According to one UNC Charlotte study, about 60% of convicted burglars interviewed “indicated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to seek an alternative target altogether”. When this group was asked, “How often do you attempt to disarm a security alarm during a burglary attempt?”, over 80% said they would “never attempt.”

2. Security Systems Protect Valuables

Burglars are after your stuff...simple as that. According to the aforementioned UNC study, burglars are also looking for quickly disposable items such as:

  • Cash - 79%
  • Drugs (illegal/prescription) - 58% / 44%
  • Electronics - 56%

The FBI reports a whopping $4.6 billion stolen from homes and businesses each year. Stacking the odds against quick recovery of your property, most burglars, about 65% in fact, work hard to dispose of their stolen items immediately. They sell them to strangers, pawnshops or second-hand dealers. Some even go online or trade your goods. Without a reliable home security system in place, you could be faced massive financial loss due to stolen property, which may never be recovered. 

3. 24/7 Monitoring By a Human Watcher

Having a person monitor your home makes a security system priceless. While not exactly house-sitting services, having someone monitor your home for intruders is one of the biggest advantages and most attractive reasons many people opt for a home security package. A trained professional who is able to make quick decisions based on alarm triggers they receive from your house could literally mean the difference between life and death. 

4. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Danger

In addition to protecting your belongings, security monitoring systems could save your life with smoke and carbon monoxide leak detection. Having fire and carbon monoxide protection in your anti-burglary system is absolutely vital. Stand-alone systems work to warn you, but including these features in a home security package provides early warning, which could mean the difference between life and death.

5. Security Monitoring Can Include Medical Alerts

Fall-related injuries among the elderly are on the rise according to this CDC report.  If you have an elderly parent who is still living independently, adding a medical alert service to their home security can literally be a life-or-death decision. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. A reliable home security system can improve your overall quality of life and offer you peace of mind knowing that all your loved ones are safe. With the latest in home security innovations, you can receive alerts whenever the routine of someone you care about is disturbed. This means that you will immediately be alerted when something is out of place and able to take action immediately. 

6. Save on Home Insurance Costs

You cannot get a home loan without buying homeowners insurance. Install a reliable home security system from a reputable company like ADT, and your insurer could give you anywhere from a 10% - 20% discount. Who wouldn't like to save hundreds of dollars per year on homeowners insurance?

7. Total Peace of Mind

Can you really put a price on having the comfort of knowing that you are protected against intrusion and theft? When you are away from your home during the day, or even out of town, knowing that your home is covered with a dependable home security system is priceless? Knowing that your family is protected from intrusion or that your parent can simply press a button on a pendant for help is a tremendous weight off your shoulders, and this is only one of the many benefits a home security plan offers. Those who cling to the philosophy that “it can’t happen to me,” should consult with anyone who has had their business or home burglarized. Peace of mind can quickly deteriorate into paranoia and a host of psychological problems for anyone who has been victimized by crime.

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